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5 Children’s Dental Habits You Can Change

October 14, 2020 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Because a toothache is already too late to visit your dentist, here are some bad habits you can fix from a young age. Good dental health is not about fixing what’s wrong, but preventing it from happening with a series of lifelong good habits.

This is, perhaps, the most common unhealthy habit children develop at a young age. As innocent as it might seem, it is actually very complicated when the sugar in candy reacts to teeth’s plaque. The result is simply acid that can eat the teeth’s enamel. They will cry and shout, but reducing their candy consumption is an act of love.

Brushing too hard
You can talk this out with your “dentist near me” and get more detailed instructions about the correct way to do it. Brushing your teeth is an everyday action that will very likely stick with you for your entire life. Learning how to do it right from the start is, perhaps, the biggest step towards dental health.

Open packages with their teeth
This also applies to parents so you won’t run to your dentist with a broken tooth. Learning alternate strategies to open stubborn packages is a must.

Biting fingernails
Your local dentist will agree that biting fingernails can lead to teeth deterioration. Finger chips, cracks, and particles can become hazardous for children’s and grown-ups’ dental health. Furthermore, teeth can wear out from this bad habit and it could also pave the path to future bruxism. Finally, a sharp fingernail can very well damage gums by tearing or scratching them.

Playing ball games with no mouthguard
More than just running after your child with a mouth guard in your hands each time they are doing some kind of contact sport, you need to teach them the importance of it. Having a cracked or missing tooth from an early age can create a chain of misfortunate events that can ruin dental health for him or her.

Make an easy appointment with your dentist today and check on your children’s dental health. If you happen to live in the area of Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, or Danville, your best bet is to call Dr. Alpa Dalal, an exceptional professional. Always remember that dental health starts with prevention and that children need to echo on this from a very early age. They’ll thank you in the future!

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