Why is dental cleaning essential?

Why is dental cleaning essential?

March 13, 2023 - by Dr. Alina Panjwani (guest writer) - in Community, Health

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You might have the misconception that only brushing and flossing maintain oral hygiene. But along with brushing and flossing, dental cleaning is essential for overall oral health.

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 80% of the American population has some level of gum disease and cavities. So, the World Health Organisation recommends dental visits twice a year for routine dental examinations and cleaning.

How can dental cleaning help me to get rid of bad breath and gum diseases?

Plaque is a sticky film that builds up the teeth. It contains bacteria. You can remove plaque by brushing and flossing. All plaque can’t be removed by just brushing. The remnant plaque calcifies and hardens to form tartar. This tartar can lead to gum disease. The longer it stays, the thicker it becomes. This thicker tartar can cause gum disease that penetrates and loosen the teeth. The thicker tartar can be removed by a dentist only. It requires special skills and tools to remove hardened calculus. Consult a dentist near you for scaling and cleaning of the teeth.

What happens during the teeth cleaning?

Dental cleaning is a routine procedure for the dentist. The main purpose is to complete an oral examination. During the scaling treatment:

  • Oral assessment: Dentists will examine the oral cavity for any sign of gum disease or tooth cavities.
  • Scaling: Scaling with a special dental instrument is done to remove plaque and tartar.
  • Polishing of teeth- After the scaling, your dentist will apply gritty toothpaste on your teeth and brush with a motor-powered brush. 
  • Rinsing- The last step is rinsing.

That completes your dental cleaning. Dental cleaning will promote the reattachment of gums.

For 2- 3 days you might feel sensitivity in your teeth.

How long does dental cleaning take?

Dental cleaning might take half an hour to one hour. It all depends on your overall oral health condition.

How many sittings does it need?

Dental cleaning requires one sitting only. But if there is a sign of gum disease, you might need 2 or more.

What happens if you do not get professional cleaning twice a month?

The calculus formed on the gum will irritate, causing gum detachment and tooth loss.

What are the advantages of scaling regularly?

Regular dental cleaning benefits are:

  • Protects the roots of the teeth
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Prevents bad breath

Visiting your dentist can reveal early signs of infection or any oral disease.Dr. Dalal offers affordable and compassionate dental care in Pleasanton CA. Patient satisfaction is our priority. We provide preventive and specialized dental treatment procedures for healthy, and bright smiles.

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