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5 tips for teaching kids to brush

October 16, 2022 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Health

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Kids are learning new things every day. Understanding their life skill needs is important. Taking
care of their health is the utmost priority for parents, including brushing and flossing teeth.
Explaining to them brushing twice daily with little creativity can give them long-term dental

Start brushing early

Dentists recommend cleaning the gums before even the teeth erupt. Start brushing your child’s
teeth at the age of 6 months. Initially, parents need to brush their kid’s teeth. Kids can be
motivated to brush their teeth after 3 years of age. But parental supervision is needed.
Kids don’t think of long-term hygiene so explaining them in a fun interactive way inspires them to
keep their teeth clean. Make your own story of monsters and superheroes. For example, every
day monsters attack our teeth, so we need to fight back by brushing our teeth twice daily.

Encourage a child’s decisions

Go shopping for toothbrushes and toothpaste as children are always excited to get new things.
Let them choose their brush with their favorite cartoon character. Nowadays, there are various
colors and flavors of toothpaste in the market. Let them explore one and enjoy their

Tune into the Rhyme

Favorite toothbrush and toothpaste are ready but adding rhyme will add icing on the cake.
Tune into the kid’s favorite rhymes will be fun-filled brushing time. Brushing in a circular motion
for at least 2 minutes is recommended by the dentist.

Pretend play

We can’t program our kids but show them good oral hygiene habits by pretending to play with
their toy characters. Indulge in pretend play by explaining the brushing pattern on toy figures
and giving turns to the kid to brush the toy will enforce good oral hygiene habits.

Brush together

Building a positive relationship with your child is the best parenting strategy. Kids imitate us in all
ways so set a good example by following a brushing routine. Sticking to the routine of brushing
twice will motivate them to do the same.


Including healthy habits like brushing and flossing a child’s teeth is the key to a healthy smile.
In Dublin Pleasanton, Dr. Dalal has an incredible amount of patience and a playful attitude that
will make your kid’s dental visit pleasant. At our dental clinic, we offer a variety of dental
services. To learn more about our services, check our service page or call Dr. Dalal’s clinic for

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