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Floss Daily – Recommended For Dental Health

November 28, 2019 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Many people disregard their dental health until they have a toothache. This is not the correct approach to enjoy a beautiful smile. Read on and understand why flossing is a great precaution against dental and gum problems.

Flossing is recommended by dentists around the world
All dentists recommend their patients (those who suffer from toothache and those who go for a simple control) to floss twice a day. The reasons behind this extra effort are plenty and varied; let’s go through the three most relevant ones.

Flossing can help fight gingivitis
Does your local dentist tell you to floss every time you go see him or her? Well, this is largely because it can help in the fight of gingivitis and sore gums. The pieces of food and the bacteria around them piled up in places that the brush can’t reach are only removable with flossing. Floss for a better gum health.

Floss for a better breath
You can have an easy appointment at your local dentist because you suffer from bad breath. This is a problem in itself because it generates a negative social impact around you, and it might also be an alert of something worse happening. Floss as your dentist tells you twice a day and say goodbye to the bad breath that is generated by the tiny pieces of food between the teeth that the brush can’t remove.

Flossing helps diabetes patients
Most people don’t know this and your local dentist might not have told you about it, but flossing is very good for diabetes patients. The bacteria piled up because you haven’t flossed can interfere and affect the glucose levels in your blood. For stabilizing those glucose levels, what you need to do is to floss as often as possible and remove all the bacteria from your teeth. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to take other normal precautions, but it will surely help.

Make an easy appointment with your “dentist near me” and have them check you gums´ health condition. If your area is Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon or Danville, give Dr. Dalal a call today and start a new, better phase of dental health. Trusting your teeth in the hands of an expert is the wisest decision. Floss every day and call Dr. Dalal to check on health periodically; your smile never looked that beautiful before!

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