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Is It Safe To Go Back To The Dentist During The Pandemic?

August 01, 2020 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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The pandemic has put the entire world on hold for months. Some of the activities that were very common in the past have become rare and others have just stopped. Can we live without regular dental or other medical care? The answer is an absolute no. But is it safe to see your dentist in the pandemic? The answer is yes and the explanation is what follows so read on and visit your dentist confidently.

Dental treatment is an essential part of health care.
As the world entered in the new normality of social distancing and face masks, some priorities can’t be changed. For example, practices like gum treatments and dental fillings need to be carried on to avoid further damage to the dental health of patients. Thus, seeing your dentist during the pandemic for ongoing treatment or a dental emergency is a definite must. During the pandemic is paramount to stay healthy and dental health is a big part of it.

Best practices are in place.
Both entities: CDC and ADA have published bulletins on how to treat the workspace to minimize any risks of contagion. By following these best practices, professionals, and patients ensure that the work can be resumed in a risk-free environment. Some additional cleaning and sanitation measures will be done after each patient leaves to prepare the space for the next patient.

  • To make sure patients are healthy, our team may call you to ask you some health-related questions before your scheduled visit.
  • To limit the number of patients in the waiting room, you may be asked to wait outside the office or in your car until the team is ready for you.
  • You may be asked to limit the number of people you bring with you or allow older children to go into the office without a parent.

Stay Healthy
Neglecting dental health can prove to be harmful. Your teeth require attention just as much as other parts of the body. Thus, all dentists and organizations such as CDC and ADA have been working really hard to make each space safe for critical treatments. You should go back to your dentist in order to finish your treatment or get rid of your pain.

In pandemic times, more protective measurements need to be taken but this should, by no means, have a negative effect on your dental health. Stay safe, stay healthy, and pay your dentist a visit to keep smiling wide and confidently.

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