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5 Recipes To Build Strong And Healthy Teeth

January 30, 2021 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Prevention is better than cure; this holds true for any part of the human body. So, when it comes to your teeth, there are many ways of ensuring that you prevent oral ailments.

Below is a list of 5 different types of food that will ensure you don’t have to search for ‘dentist near me’ every once in a while!

Calcium based food

Most milk products such as low-fat milk or yogurt contain calcium, and having them regularly will ensure that you don’t require teeth whitening sessions. Leafy vegetables are also a great source of calcium.

If you don’t like dairy or are intolerant to lactose, then tofu is a great substitute and packs enough calcium!

Phosphorous rich

Most meat, fish, and eggs are heavy in phosphorous content. If you don’t want to suffer from a toothache, then a balanced diet containing meat is important. You can also choose to have an egg every day, and you will have strong teeth as well.

The common misconception is that eating meat causes toothache, whereas it’s actually beneficial for your oral health.

Beans and nuts

If you are a vegetarian and wondering how you will ever have strong teeth, then any dishes with these two items are great for you. If you eat a small portion of nuts every day, you can escape suffering from a toothache.

These are also extremely healthy for your body and pack a lot of protein!

Vitamin C

A toothache is not only caused by a problem in your teeth but also due to weak gums. Vitamin C-based foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, or spinach, etc., lead to strong gums. Citrus fruits are also a rich source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is necessary for kids to grow strong teeth right from a young age!

Water with mineral content

It may seem like water is something we all drink. But if we drink water that has a high amount of mineral content, then it helps to prevent cavities. Many bottled water brands carry extra fluoride content, which is also helpful for ensuring strong, cavity-free teeth.

While eating these foods is a great way to avoid getting a toothache, if you are ever faced with one, contact your local dentist immediately. Also, reach out to us for teeth whitening or any other professional dental requirements!

Stay Healthy
Neglecting dental health can prove to be harmful. Your teeth require attention just as much as other parts of the body. Thus, all dentists and organizations such as CDC and ADA have been working really hard to make each space safe for critical treatments. You should go back to your dentist in order to finish your treatment or get rid of your pain.

In pandemic times, more protective measurements need to be taken but this should, by no means, have a negative effect on your dental health. Stay safe, stay healthy, and pay your dentist a visit to keep smiling wide and confidently.

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