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Tooth Extraction Aftercare; What To Do After The Surgery?

February 15, 2021 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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The internet is flooded with pieces about how to get ready for tooth extraction, but very little is found about the aftercare. What you are about to read is our selection of the best tips to help your gums heal better. Have a great experience and minimize the pain following our advice.

A word of caution first

Before we start, let’s clear one thing: none of these tips replace an appointment with your dentist. A toothache is reason enough to visit your doctor; an extraction surgery is a bigger one. Always keep in touch with the dental surgeon if you have any symptoms after the surgery.

Keep the gauze in place

The first tip of the list is to keep that gauze in place for at least two hours. This will stop the bleeding by forming a blood clot.

Do not smoke

Your local dentist might not tell you this unless they know you’re a smoker. Smoking after an extraction surgery can generate a “dry socket” at the extraction spot. This means that the blood clot doesn’t form or it’s dislodged. To avoid this painful condition, do not smoke for three days.

Do not drink from a straw

In the same vein as above, refrain from using a straw for 72 hours after the extraction. This will also help you fight the “dry socket” effect.

Only liquids and soft foods for a day

It is difficult to even explain how painful it is to have food leftovers in the cavity after the extraction. It might sound like a bummer, but it is much better than feeling pain.

No rinsing on the mouth for 24 hours

Just as if you had gum treatments, you need to refrain from rinsing your mouth for an entire day. This also helps to fight the “dry socket” effect.

Sleep with your head up

This easy tip will help you decrease the swelling. It’s just because of how the laws of gravity and your blood work together.

No exercise

Exercise augments blood pressure. This can potentially make the extraction spot bleed. You never had a better excuse to skip the gym.


Utilize these tips to help better and faster healing. Always remember they do not override a visit to the dentist. Indeed, if you call a “dentist near me” a professional in the Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, or Danville area, give Dr. Dalal Dental a call.

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