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Should I Use A Mouthwash?

March 12, 2021 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Maybe it’s happened to you too, walking down the aisle in a supermarket, seeing a mouthwash and wondering, “should I buy it?” Well, to begin with, the answer to that question is an absolute yes. But that’s not all; just keep on reading and learn why.

Why should I use mouthwash?

Mouthwash is a pleasantly-tasting antiseptic that can and will kill all the bacteria living in your mouth. For example, an often-overlooked spot in most people’s mouths is the tongue. You can easily take care of it if you rinse your teeth with mouthwash.

Also, people who fight against bad breath will find in mouthwashes a great ally. Indeed, besides killing all bacteria, they usually taste and smell close to mint, eucalyptus, and such.

Finally, before you pick one up for yourself, look at the formula and see if there is anything in it you don’t want. Mouthwashes from different brands always have different ingredients. You can also contact your local dentist for a recommendation.

Does mouthwash replace flossing?

The answer to this very common question is absolutely not. Whether you are in any gum treatments or recovering from a toothache, you should never stop brushing and flossing. Flossing will remove all the bacteria that piles up and sneaks in between your teeth.

Thus, it is only after you remove it from that hard-to-get spot that the antiseptic can do its wonders.

How to use mouthwash?

Mouthwash always comes with instructions on the bottle, but as a rule of thumb, here are the three steps you should follow.

  • Measure the amount – Mouthwashes usually provide a cup with the exact measure.
  • Keep it in for 30 seconds – Swish it around your mouth, gargle on it, and count to 30 in your head.
  • Spit it out – Mouthwash is not meant for swallowing, so please don’t.

When is it better?

You should always use mouthwash after brushing and flossing.

How often should you use it?

The best way to use mouthwash is to make it a habit and go for it every time you brush and floss. So, that should be twice a day, at least.


Mouthwash can indeed change your dental health for the better. Once you make it a habit, it will be just as effortless as brushing and flossing. Keep your dental health in optimum condition with a simple task; start using mouthwash today.

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