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Dentures 101: Everything You Need To Know

October 03, 2021 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Besides teeth whitening sessions and other cosmetic treatments, dentists can help those who have lost several pieces recover their smile with dentures. These prosthetic removable appliances are molded perfectly to mimic the missing teeth in the patient’s mouth. We are about to discuss everything dentures, so read on and learn how to take care of your new smile.

Natural-Looking (And Feeling) Dentures

Making an appointment with your local dentist to get a denture done is a daunting moment. Most people think of it as an uncomfortable, bad-looking, utterly noticeable addition to their teeth. That is something from the past, dental science has moved forward in huge leaps and nowadays nobody will notice you have a denture (not even yourself).

How To Care For Your Dentures?

The first thing you need to do is not use regular toothpaste to brush your dentures. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush (preferably one that is specific for dentures), and wash it with warm water or mild soap, and lastly always soak your dentures overnight in lukewarm water or denture solution. Make sure that you are not exposing your dentures to very hot water.

Partial And Full Dentures

Making an easy appointment with your local dentist for a partial denture means that the prosthetic will only replace part of your smile. On the other hand, when you need a full denture made, the process is a tad longer:

  • Removal of remaining teeth
  • Measurements to create an exact replica
  • Tissue healing time
  • Insertion of the full prosthetic denture

That process can take up to several months to get done but you’ll make sure your gums are perfectly healthy and the denture fits flawlessly. On the other hand, those who can’t be without teeth for months can request an immediate full denture. The drawback of this process is that bone and gums move throughout the healing process and the denture needs to be realigned or it becomes loose.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Although there is no definite amount of time established, a good denture that has been properly taken care of should last for years, even decades.


If you need a partial or full denture and call a “dentist near me”in the Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, or Danville area your home, you should give Dr. Dalal a call. She is an experienced professional with years of experience and a flawless record.

Happy smiling!

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