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Teach Your Kid How To Brush Their Teeth While Having Fun!

August 16, 2021 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Long before dental problems appear, there is always a way to educate our children in oral prevention. Indeed, your extra effort might mean perfect oral hygiene in years to come saving them and you from a ton of headaches.

So, read carefully, and apply these tips with your children so they can have a perfect smile from an early age.

Give Them A Strong Why

We, adults, understand the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Moreover, we know that prevention and consistency save the day, every day. Anyone who has gone through gum treatments, or any other treatment at the dentist knows this. Thus, with this information, try cascading it to them transferring responsibility from you as singular to you as a plural.

Start ASAP

Any local dentist will agree on this; there is no age limit to start teaching oral hygiene to our children. Furthermore, having the tools of the trade close and, for example, allowing them to choose their toothbrush (with their favorite superhero) are great incentives. Start today.

Use Their Favorite Song!

This is a great trick that works with most children in the world: play them their favorite song during toothbrush time. This will encourage them to look forward to that moment and start experiencing pleasure while they’re taking care of their oral hygiene. Once that happens, you can smile because “mission accomplished”.

Set A Reward Scheme

Another great way of encouraging children to have better oral hygiene is to set a reward scheme. Furthermore, if you can increase the reward for consistency, you’ll be even closer to your goal. For example, give them a bigger reward for the streak of consecutive days brushing and take them back to zero if they break it.

Always Lead With The Example

Finally, you have to be the perfect example of oral hygiene, otherwise, it will not work. In other words, your children have to witness how you do it day after day and learn from your consistency. Remember, the example is always the best teacher.


All of these tips are great to get started, but still, set an easy appointment with your nearby dentist and have her expand on these tools. If you happen to be around Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, or Danville, give Dr. Dalal a call, she is an expert on the topic.

Happy smiling!

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