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How to Pick the Right Toothbrush?

June 08, 2019 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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How to Pick the Right Toothbrush?

Dental health is an every-day task; you can have treatments like teeth whitening but if you don’t take proper care of your mouth, you’ll be back where you started in no time. Brushing your teeth properly and with the right frequency is not enough; you need to have the best brush. Read on as we go through the steps of how to choose it.

Manual or Electric?

The first thing to choose is if your next toothbrush will be manual or electric. There are people who prefer electric toothbrush and there are others who like the manual/classic kind better.

  • Manual – The best thing about a manual toothbrush is that you don’t need any batteries for it and you can find them everywhere. Also, in case you are traveling and planning to be away from home, you can buy several of your preferred brand because they are inexpensive and easy to carry. On the other hand, they require more time for a thorough cleaning of your mouth and all the effort has to be made by your hands.
  • Electric – There are numerous models ranging from very cheap, battery-driven ones to others, more complex rechargeable units that are pure luxury. According to recent studies, the ability of removing plaque is five times higher in electric brushes than in manual ones. In this sense, to avoid teeth whitening treatment or at least to allow more time between one teeth whitening treatment and the next, electric tooth brushes win the race. On the other hand, they require more attention and care than the regular manual ones besides battery changing and charger carrying.

Choose the Bristles and Size

The size of the toothbrush’s head is important for the comfort you will get. The more often you brush your teeth, the more you will achieve teeth whitening by yourself. This is valid for both types of brushes and for all ages, from children to elder dental care. When choosing the bristles always try to go on the softer side because in times of toothache, it will be the best way to take care of your mouth. All sizes and bristles need to have the ADA stamp on them.


Follow these simple steps and pick the perfect brush for you. Moreover, if you are in the area of Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon or Danville and concerned about the toothbrush picking for teeth whitening, feel free to consult with Dr. Alpa Dalal for further detailed information.

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