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Ready for your Big Day with Invisalign & Teeth Whitening

May 11, 2019 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Imagine for a minute that the big day comes along; you are about to fulfill your dream – The dress doesn’t have to be the only thing white on your wedding day! Teeth whitening is the best option to help prep for your special occasion. Schedule your free consultation today!

Invisalign along with teeth whitening might be the response to the perfect photo that you are looking for. Talk to Dr. Alpa Dalal, your local dentist to get an easy appointment and get these treatments started before your big arrives.


Invisalign is a treatment that works much like braces do, but in a less invasive way. A unique transparent plastic mold is created exactly for you using your teeth as a mold. This Invisalign mold works like braces pushing your teeth into the right direction to perfect your smile.

Each plastic mold that is used over your teeth can be good for you for about two weeks and then needs to be changed for some new aligners to follow the modification in your teeth and smile. These changes can be done with an easy appointment with the same dentist that you started your treatment with. The plastic mold is even removable, and you can just use it whenever you know you will not have any kind of social interaction or leave it on all day long to maximize Invisalign results in less time.

A local dentist should be consulted before you embark in this journey to the perfect smile. You can go with the approach of looking just the dentist near me that is most convenient; we urge you to do it with someone you can trust.

How is it done?

On your first consultation for Invisalign and perhaps a teeth whitening session, your dentist will take an X-Ray of your mouth. After this first step, the X-Ray is turned into a 3-D mold and then turned into your plastic Invisalign. Your dentist can tell you where your teeth are, where will they move and how long the treatment will take. Usually, it takes a year for adults to finish a regular Invisalign treatment while for teenagers that value is variable.

The Invisalign is made of a material that is BPA-free and hence, it does not irritate anything inside your mouth (gums, cheeks, etc…). The only moment you need to remove them is for washing and flossing your teeth.


Invisalign can be the answer to your desire of a perfect smile. The sooner you make your consultation and start the Invisalign treatment, the sooner you’ll have full results. Make your consultation today!

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