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Make Your Baby Teething A Comforting Experience

September 14, 2019 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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Make Your Baby Teething A Comforting Experience. Are you a worried parent when it comes to baby teething? Don’t despair! These tips are the best when it comes to homecare of your teething baby before checking with your local dentist.

The expected chronology

Although babies have their own growth chronology and there are no two alike, these are the expected things to happen in each month according to experts. If you have any questions or have doubts, you should always check with your dentist for further info.

  • Four to seven months – You might notice that your baby is making more fuss than the usual and also that the gums are red and swollen.
  • Eight to twelve months – This period is marked by the emergence of four teeth: the top two and the lower two.
  • Nine to sixteen months – You will witness the emergence of four more teeth: the lateral incisors.
  • Thirteen to nineteen months – There will be a big space between the four ones in the middle and the molars that will appear; it is completely normal.
  • Sixteen to twenty three months – it’s time for the sharp and pointy canines to come up right after the incisors.
  • Twenty three to thirty three months – They get all the primary teeth with 20 pieces and they will all appear towards your child’s second birthday.

Deal with teething pains

Every new teeth coming up is a synonym of more fuss and discomfort; even insomnia can hit your baby. There are several things you can do like rubbing your baby’s gums gently can take away the pain partially. Also, cold remedies like a frozen teething ring, a chilled spoon or carrot can also relieve the pain. If it becomes too much, you can also talk to your local dentist, make an easy appointment and get a baby-safe pain killer. Always have the best choice of dentist near me ready for emergencies.

Deal with sore gums

Especially for sore gums, your local dentist will recommend you to dry the drool. The excess of saliva produced by the teething process can generate skin irritation. This irritation will make your baby more cranky and sore, so make sure you dry and clean all drool regularly. In case your baby is feeling too sore, please consult with your local dentist.


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