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Why It Is Not A Good Idea To Skip Regular Dental Check-Up

September 26, 2019 - by Dr. Alpa Dalal - in Community, Health

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At times, in our busy lives, we often tend to ignore taking care of our personal needs. However, the one thing that we should never do is to ignore one’s health, especially oral health. It is surprising to know how many people often consider a visit to the dentist as an unnecessary expense. What many don’t realize is they are setting up their teeth and gum for infections and pain, which might become unmanageable later. It is with this idea that one should never skip on their regular dental check-up plan.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?
It is the most common question, which many people ask. For the majority of people, one visit every six months does the trick. However, those prone to gum disease and tooth decay might need frequent visits to the dentist. Apart from this, you need to visit the dentist regularly in the cases of heavy smoking, diabetes, pregnancy, gum disease, or have a history of cavities.

Why Skipping Out On Your Dental Visits Is a Bad Idea?
Apart from this, many have a busy lifestyle with both personal and professional commitments. Nevertheless, that does not mean one should stop taking care of their oral health.With that in mind, we have come up with reasons good enough to make one think again about skipping the regular dental visits.

  1. Cleaning of Plaque and Tartar
    The most common procedure followed in a dental check-up is looking for plaque and tartar. It is why many think it is okay to skip the appointment. With regular dental check-ups, the dentist goes through all the teeth and removes plaque and tartar. In short, it keeps the teeth safe from exposure to cavities.
  2. Fix Cavities Before They Become Big
    Even during the last appointment with the dentist, new cavities might start to develop. With regular check-up, an advanced treatment ensures you do not need to remove the decay after it becomes a major oral health issue. One might not know, but the dentist has the tools and expertise to detect one.
  3. Oral Cancer Screenings
    Many people who underestimate the importance of regular dental check-up are not aware of the risk of developing oral cancer, which is a severe oral health issue. Dentists often take oral cancer screenings during check-ups to make sure there is no serious issue, which needs treatment.
  4. Detecting Gum Disease
    Similar to cavities, if periodontal disease is beginning to set itself, the dental check-up will help to identify it earlier and much easier to treat. The dentist has the tools and knowledge to stop any gum disease right before it gets worse.
  5. X-Rays
    At times, serious oral health issues often lie below the teeth, which make it impossible to detect them. However, during a dental check-up, the doctor can take X-ray to expose any underlying dental issues.
  • Summary
    It makes sense that one should never think of skipping out on their regular dental check-ups. By judging the number of oral health issues, which can infect one’s teeth and gums, it is imperative to have an active dental plan. Please contact Dr. Alpa Dalal for free consultation.

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